"The most amazing thing about all of Jay's talents is his songwriting.
Like the best writers, he can give you a song that will absolutely tug at your heart, or his next one will be completely tongue-in-cheek and spur on a big hearty laugh, or he'll do one with his heart on his sleeve. And therein lies the theme of his's from the heart. That's where the good songs come from."
.. Randy Owen, Country 107.3 Tillsonburg

"Jay Allan is a rare breed in this day in age. He pens catchy, honest songs sung from the heart with no sense of pretense.  What you hear is what you get. Jay will take you in with his storytelling style and make you feel like you are a part of his journey.   It is not often that someone comes across as genuine in spirit and talent as Jay Allan."
- Murray Pulver, Doc Walker


"Jay Allan writes the sort of blue collar everyman songs that every ambitious singer songwriter aspires to, but few hit the the mark as successfully as Jay.  He avoids the tired cliches "sippin' lemonade" and "fried chicken eating" that handicap many of his peers, marking him as above average with clever turns of phrase and melodies that would suite any contemporary country radio playlist."
- Patrick Duffy, Attention Design, Consulting CCMA Art Director



"Jay Allan shows a lot of heart with songs like "Someday We'll Talk" and "Picture of Life" but also has fun with songs like "Shop"
I had a great time working on the record"
-Jason Gantt - Producer,Engineer
Love Monkey Studios, Nashville



Country Music News...ALBUM REVIEW

Singer/Songwriter Jay Allan has an interesting and catchy vocal style, filled with grit and passion, and is particularly effective on these blue collar driven songs, all of which he has composed.

 The album’s lead single Rumourville, is a driving rootsy country effort that deserved more attention than what it received from radio. The follow up release, She’s A Tease has a similar feel, with lots of vocal energy.
Hopefully it will fair a little better, now that Jay Allan has served up a full album to showcase his talents.

 There’s  lots more here to spend time on. S.H.O.P is a tongue in cheek male answer to a woman’s propensity for ‘shopping’…Jay Allan gives you all the antidotes (“S”)swear words/smokin’ stogies; while (“H”) stands for homebrew / hockey games; (“O”) and (“P”) have similar reasons. Listen also for some strong message songs in Midnight Run and Winning Streak; with some nostalgia mixed into tunes like Fishing For Memories and Crinan Creek. For something a little different try Hollywood…a rags to riches and fame tale.

The Wrong Direction was produced by Murray Pulver (of Doc Walker fame), who also contributes his guitar, mandolin and banjo talents to the project. The album was recorded in Nashville studios.